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One discord bot to replace a ton

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A command for everything.
Moderation, games, leveling, utility. Protect your server from raids, set up custom word triggers, roll dice, look up anime and check cryptocurrency charts. It'a all built in.
Xp system
XP / leveling system with leaderboards and clubs. See how you fare against other people in activity, and even assign roles to users who level up! Level up messages are opt-in, so don't worry about spam!
.xp command card
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Nadeko has a unique non inflated economy with the primary currency called Nadeko Flowers🌸. Claim waifus, participate in events, buy shop items and gamble by rolling dice, playing slots, and flipping coins!
Open Source
Licensed under the permissive MIT license. Download, fork, clone, modify, sell high, buy low, resell, smuggle, lose, find and then make an MR on gitlab.
I made this meme
Nadeko sitting with money flying around her
Donate ❤️
As all features of nadeko are completely free and open source, we rely on donations to keep the project alive. Donate to help pay server costs, support the developer and also get some neat rewards on the official @Nadeko instance in return! Patreon